Your home is one of your most significant assets. In fact, for most people, it is the most crucial asset in their portfolio. When it’s time to sell your home and move on, you definitely want to maximize your return and get the most profit possible. So, if you are considering these things, you should also consider the best way to add value to your home in St. George, UT.

In this economy, that can be difficult. However, it’s not impossible. You just need to focus on the little things.

One of those little things you can implement is replacement windows in St. George, UT. This simple upgrade can boost your home’s value tremendously.

Here’s how.

1: Most Homes Have Outdated Windows

The majority of homes in the US have windows that are simply outdated. They’re typically single-pane windows that struggle to retain heating and cooling, and they tend to break; you’ll have to replace them when the slightest thing goes wrong.

When you take a proactive approach and replace your windows with JKR Energy Pro ® windows, you ensure that the next homeowner doesn’t have to deal with those problems.

Just by installing the high performance windows, you make buyers more inclined to pay a premium.

 2: Energy Savings

You might think that traditional windows are fine as long as they provide ample natural lighting and a clear view of the outside world, but there are other factors to consider, and that will affect the behavior of buyers.

Single-pane windows allow your home’s climate-controlled air to escape. They simply don’t have the insulation necessary to hold that air in and keep your home comfortable.

That leads to substantially larger energy bills because not only do you have to turn your HVAC system up or down far more than you should, but the HVAC system has to work even harder than you tell it to, to maintain the temperature you’re trying to achieve.

With JKR Energy Pro ® windows, you don’t have to worry about that. The unique glass used in JKR windows gives them excellent insulation properties that allow them to maintain your home’s temperature easily. Most of the time, you can even leave your HVAC off.

Offering buyers money-saving benefits like this will encourage them to pay more upfront for your home so they save money in the long run.

3: Durability

Finally, there’s a major durability difference between traditional windows and those sold at JKR.

Single-pane glass windows are incredibly fragile. If a storm blows anything substantial at them, you’ll likely end up with a busted window. The same will happen if the kids get a little rowdy and knock something over. They’re just not built to take damage.

Repairman adding value to your home by replacing windows with new ones

JKR Energy Pro ® windows are able to withstand a lot more than that. Also, since they’re multi-pane, a small amount of damage isn’t the end of the world (because JKR Windows has a lifetime warranty).

This is crucial if you want to add value to your home in St. George, UT. It shows home buyers that they won’t have to worry about making replacements on their own, and they can trust that your windows have been structurally sound for a long time.