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JKR Window and Door Products

With JKR Windows, you can count on us to give you windows that are both strong and sturdy. Our window installation is quick and easy, making your home more beautiful with our energy efficient designs. We combine great products with professional experience, getting you the best results possible.

JKR Windows has a long background in window installation across Utah. Through hard work and dedication, they have built up a lasting reputation with their customers. Every house is a new challenge, with a unique set of needs. JKR Windows takes each project head on, anticipating and addressing each problem directly. With their expertise, you don’t have to worry about poor or unsatisfactory workmanship.

Stable, durable products are our motto and we offer a selection of treatments to best fit your home. Don’t be discouraged from getting the windows you want. From bay and garden windows to sliding glass doors, JKR Windows can find the right fit for you. Using the latest technology and developments, our options can insulate and protect your home. Too many windows are inefficient, costly and run the risk of causing damage to your house. Through wind and rain, look to our professionals to prevent damage and lower your energy costs; phone today and reach our office at 855-455-7155.

Window Replacement and Installation
Window Replacement and Installation

Energy Pro® Double/Triple Pane

Energy Pro® triple pane technology is designed to maximize insulation. Insulation is key when it comes to designing and installing your house, especially when addressing energy-compromised areas. Lower your home energy costs with Energy Pro® Triple Pane windows across Utah.


Energy+ Windows

From reducing heating and cooling costs to beautiful new construction, Energy+ windows provide fantastic results. Our energy-efficient and weather-proof designs can reduce the fuel consumption of your home. Energy+ windows can help you and your family go green and save money.


Promenade Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding doors can be a major source of energy and billing costs. With sturdy construction, isolating materials, and energy-effective pane design, Promenade sliding patio doors are the right choice for any home. Their materials are made to last, minimizing upkeep and repair costs.



At JKR Windows, we offer several obscured glass products, providing your home with increased privacy with a beautiful design.

Glue Chip

Obscured Glass

Rain Glass