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Energy Pro® Double & Triple Pane Windows

Energy Pro® double and triple pane technology is designed to maximize insulation. Insulation is key when it comes to designing and installing your house, especially when addressing energy compromised areas. Any window is made up of about 80% glass, which can quickly lose heat, upping your energy bill. Lower your home costs with Energy Pro windows across Utah.

Each Energy Pro installation is created to maximize efficiency and is made of tested and tried materials. The first, of course, is the glass. ClimaTech glass minimizes heat flow, lowering the use of air-conditioning or central heating. When compared with traditional windows, three panes of ClimaTech are 52% more energy efficient. The multiple panes act as a thermal barrier, minimizing energy conduction. Stainless steel also helps stabilize the glass layers and strengthen the seal between window and frame. Learn more about this energy efficient design and call JKR Windows at 855-455-7155.

In addition to safety and comfort, our windows come with many style options to fit your individual needs. Each Energy Pro product comes in a variety of colors and woodgrains for to better complement the appearance of your home. And if you are searching for something a little extra, decorative grid patterns and cut glass can make your home stand apart. Get a complete picture of your new Energy Pro windows across Utah; let JKR Windows handle your installation for a better, more beautiful view.

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