Energy Pro® Windows: The Solution for Energy Efficient Homes

Windows are typically made up of around 80% glass, which means heat loss can easily occur and drive up your energy bill. That’s why Energy Pro® windows with double and triple pane technology are designed to maximize insulation for energy compromised areas of your home. 

Each window is made of tested and tried materials to maximize efficiency and lower energy costs. Our ClimaTech glass minimizes heat flow, reducing the need for air-conditioning or central heating. Three panes of ClimaTech are 52% more energy efficient than traditional windows, thanks to their ability to act as a thermal barrier and minimize energy conduction. Meanwhile, stainless steel is used to stabilize the glass layers and strengthen the seal between window and frame, ensuring that our windows achieve maximum insulation.

Our Energy Pro windows also come in a variety of colors to complement the overall appearance of your home, with decorative grid patterns and cut glass options available to make it stand out.

Choose Energy Pro windows to keep your home energy-efficient, comfortable, and stylish. Contact JKR Windows today to learn more!

JKR Energy Pro Window

Visually clean and contemporary narrowline frame and sashes, with a larger glass area for exceptional daylighting and outside viewing.


Internal chambers meticulously engineered for structural integrity and enhanced energy efficiency.


Low-profile secure locking hardware features an indicator that tells you if your windows are left unlocked.


End-of-throw cam shift locking action, expertly constructed for increased protection.


Composite reinforcement in the meeting rails allows for secure mounting of hardware; this nonconductive material also reduces the transfer of energy for superior thermal performance.


Super Spacer System with a structural foam design helps the edge of the glass for superior thermal performance and longevity.

Additional Features

  • Fully fusion-welded frame and sash corners create superior strength.
  • Airtight insulating chambers enhance thermal performance and durability.
  • Multi-layer weatherstripping helps block energy loss and protects against inclement weather.
  • Dual vent latches for limited and convenient opening of the window.
  • Hidden screen track creates a clean-line design for enhanced visual appeal; half screens are standard, optional full screens available.

Energy Plus Windows come standard with a 1-3/8” nail fin. For enhanced appearance and ease of installation, three additional options also are available. The stucco fin option is the most common for a replacement window application.

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