Promenade Sliding Patio Doors

With sturdy construction, insulating materials, and energy-effective pane design, Promenade sliding patio doors are the right choice for any home. Their materials are made to last, minimizing upkeep and repair costs.

Sliding patio doors can be a major source of energy and billing costs. But with our insulated designs, Promenade doors can lower your home’s energy output. ClimaTech® glass is low-conduction, insulating your home from heating and cooling loss. Our warm-edge spacer lines the track of the door, another construction energy weak point, to help minimize temperature loss/gain. Alside miniblinds, a convenient add-on for Promenade customers, can also help with this energy loss.

If you are concerned about safety, Promenade sliding patio doors are built for strength as well as temperature efficiency. The frame, locks, frame and sash are designed and reinforced to keep doors tightly closed and maintain the overall integrity of the structure. Promenade doors can also be constructed with a variety of grid patterns, handle types and color schemes, creating a product that truly matches your home.

Each sliding door is designed for your convenience as well as functionality. In addition to a smooth rolling system, JKR Windows will ensure the fit of your sliding door. No door should be difficult to operate, and we strive to keep each customer satisfied with their installation. If you have questions about our window installations, give us a call today!

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