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Getting the windows in your home replaced is crucial for several reasons, but it is not cheap. After all, getting a full-house window replacement  requires quite a bit of labor and plenty of high-quality products. But it’s crucial to know the best time to replace your windows in St. George, UT!

As such, many homeowners wonder when they absolutely have to start calling around to window replacement services.

Unfortunately, there are times when putting off the replacement just isn’t going to work. The following are examples of when those times are.

1: Your Energy Bills are Too High

Traditional windows are unsuitable for energy consumption. You turn on your HVAC system, whether it’s to keep the house cool or warm it up, and traditional windows just allow that air to escape. This forces you to use your HVAC system far more often, and the HVAC system has to work harder to maintain the temperature you’re trying to achieve in your home.

The solution to this is to have JKR Energy Pro ® windows installed. They have excellent insulation properties, and they can save you tons of money on your energy bills. A lot of the time, they can even make it so you don’t have to run your HVAC system at all. The problem is that a full-house window replacement can seem expensive at first.

At first glance, you might think it’s a better deal just to pay an increased energy bill each month. After all, $400 to $600 might be high, but it looks much better than the $1800 average that a window replacement costs.

Windows replacement company’s worker replacing windows

Not so fast, though. You pay the energy bill every month, and the window installation is a one-time deal for many people (unless you break one and need a partial window replacement or even repair) On top of that, you can cut your energy bill dramatically by installing JKR Energy Pro ® windows.

Over the course of 6 months to a year, your Energy Pro ® windows will have paid for themselves and started saving you a lot of money monthly.

2: You’re Selling Your Home

Even if higher energy bills that come with having outdated windows doesn’t motivate you, there’s another time when you’ll absolutely want to upgrade. If you’re selling your home, it’s practically a requirement if you want to increase your home’s value and maximize your ROI.

Buyers do not want to pay a home’s total value when they know they’ll have to make a major investment shortly after to replace windows or handle other issues. They’ll try to talk you down, and if you’re hard on your price, they’ll walk away time and time again. This can keep your home on the market for years and mess up your financial state.

If you plan on selling your home soon, you need to get your windows upgraded to energy-efficient windows. This increases your home’s value and shows buyers that they won’t have to worry about making the investment themselves shortly after paying for the house.

We hope we have helped you choose the best time to replace your window in St. George, UT. If you follow these instructions, we are sure that everything will go perfectly smoothly, you just need to contact JKR Windows!