Patio Door Style Guide – What Works Best for Your Home in Las Vegas?

When looking for patio door styles in Las Vegas, most people simply choose a door based on price, and then they call it a day. After all, it’s just a glass door, right?


There are numerous styles of glass patio doors in Las Vegas, and even the glass can differ from door to door. The exact combination you choose can have a dramatic effect on its performance in your home.

Here are the key factors to consider.

Hinge/Slide Style:

The most noticeable design aspect of a patio door is how it opens. This affects almost every aspect of your door’s design.

There are two main styles. These are hinge doors and sliding doors. Each of those split into several sub-categories such as in-swing doors, out-swing doors, double center hinge doors, and left/right sliding doors.

Which one you choose largely depends on your personal preference. However, sliding doors tend to be easier to move large items through. So, if you like to change the furniture or otherwise need to move large objects through your patio area, that’s a consideration that should be on your mind.

Glass Design:

In this section, we’re not actually talking about the glass itself. Instead, we are talking about the features and presentation of the glass. There are several features that can dramatically change the performance and appearance of your patio door.

First, you have the standard full-pane glass window. You’ve likely seen this on many sliding doors because it’s just a sheet of glass in a rectangular frame. This is the most common design, and it allows for a lot of visibility and natural lighting. First, you can more easily see outside and monitor your children or pets in the backyard, or if your patio is connected to your kitchen area or another area that benefits from natural lighting, you’ll get plenty of it.

Then, there’s the “grill” format. These doors have metal bars or intricate designs placed on either side of the glass insert. This breaks up natural lighting and somewhat skews your view of your patio area, but it makes the interior space look a lot larger because it creates the illusion of having many panels of glass. This can also slightly increase security because it’s not as simple as breaking the glass to enter.

Finally, there are various rounded designs that are typically found on hinge-style doors. These can combine plane sheet glass and “grill” features, and they’re more or less aesthetic design choices.


Type of Glass:

This greatly impacts the functionality of your door. The type of glass used determines how easily the door is broken, whether or not it provides ample insulation for decreased energy bills, and whether or not the glass is obscured for privacy or fully transparent for maximum viewing quality and natural light.

You should take time to consider the glass you choose for your patio door in Las Vegas based on those factors. We recommend buying your glass patio doors from JKR Windows. JKR Windows Energy Pro windows and sliding patio glass door options help lower your bills and maintain the highest quality standards.