Energy bills have always been a major stress on homeowners, and in recent years, they’ve become a much bigger problem. The cost of energy across the nation has skyrocketed, and homeowners are feeling the burn. So, you’re probably trying to find a way to cut that bill down without having to sacrifice your own comfort during the few hours you get to enjoy inside your house each day. 

There are multiple ways to do that, but one of the most effective, and overlooked, methods is to change your windows. 

That might seem a bit odd. So, we’ll go over exactly how changing your windows can lower your energy bills in St. George, UT

More Efficient HVAC Usage

The primary way that newer, JKR Energy Pro® windows help is by reducing how hard your in-home HVAC system in St. George, UT has to work. 

When you turn on your HVAC system, to cool your home on a hot day, for example, it reads the temperature in the room, and it does its best to quickly make the temperature reach the point you want it to. 

When the hot air outside of the house is essentially able to heat the interior of your home via the windows, or slight issues with various seals around your home allow that cool air to escape, your air conditioner works a lot hard, and a lot longer, to maintain the desired temperature.

JKR Energy Pro® windows form a much more effective barrier to prevent the air in your home from escaping or being heated by the outside. In other words, they’re far more insulated. Because of this, not only can your AC work less, but you can usually turn it off for quite a while and still keep your home at a comfortable temperature. 

You don’t get that with traditional single-pane windows. They just don’t provide enough insulation. 

How changing your windows can lower your energy bills in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Natural Lighting and Durability

Yes, normal windows provide natural lighting. That’s their entire purpose. However, they’re not the most durable. Just about everyone has experienced a bad storm, or a kid playing with a toy that’s not good indoors and lost a window because of it. 

An Energy Pro® window is far more durable, and they also tend to be designed to be even clearer than the outdated windows you already have. 

This allows you to rely on the windows to take more of a beating before they fail, and you can even get better interior lighting. With better interior lighting, you won’t need to use your electric lighting nearly as often. That cuts a large chunk of your electricity bill. 

Less Need for HVAC

Not only can you usually leave your HVAC on a less intense setting, and occasionally turn it off while your windows hold the air, but you can also simply keep it off entirely on less intense days. 

Because JKR Energy Pro® windows insulate better, it takes a lot more for the outside temperature to actually overwhelm your home. 

This isn’t always the case, and on really hot days, you will want to use your AC, but there will still be plenty of times you can avoid it and change your windows and lower your energy bills in St. George, UT.