You might not put much thought into the windows of your home, but they’re some of the most important pieces. They dictate how energy efficient your house is, and the amount of natural lighting you get, and they’re easily one of the common items that need to be replaced unexpectedly. They even have a major effect on how comfortable you are in your home. 

So, you definitely want to get the best windows you can afford. 

Today, we want to go over the best types of energy-efficient windows you can find in Salt Lake City, Utah. Let’s get started. 

1: Pella Energy Star

Pella’s Energy Star windows are known for providing the finest energy conservation traits possible. These are extremely insulated windows. They can hold a tremendous amount of natural heat or cold air in your house, and you’ll be able to skip much of the season when HVAC is necessary. That’s a great point, and if you’re solely looking to cut your energy bill, these will do the trick. 

Pella’s windows are also very popular, and they have developed a fanbase of customers who won’t try anything else. 

However, they aren’t perfect. 

That massive popularity and renown have had a negative side effect. These sell at a premium price that is honestly a bit higher than you should be paying. 

Also, there’s a fairly common complaint about Pella’s Energy Star windows. They tend to fog up between panes, and that not only negates your ability to see through them, but it also reduces natural light in your home. You don’t have this problem with single-pane windows. You can just wipe them off. You don’t have it with better windows, either. When a Pella window fogs up, you’re just stuck waiting for it to naturally get better. 

2: Jeld-Wen

Jeld-Wen is a controversial brand. It offers a large variety of window options ranging from vinyl windows to aluminum track windows, and the brand only develops B-A+ grade windows. So, it’s not a cheap brand. 

There are a couple of problems with these windows that customers often complain about, though. 

First, they’re just glazed windows for the most part. This means that there is a protective and insulating glaze applied in layers. They’re just single-pane windows with fancy paint at the end of the day. That can affect the windows’ ability to allow ample natural light in, and it offers an inferior insulation ability. 

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3: Energy Pro® Windows

Energy Pro® windows are our top picks among the best types of energy-efficient windows in Salt Lake City, Utah. Especially the JKR Energy Pro® windows. They’re the perfect balance between price and performance, and you really can’t go wrong with them. 

Energy Pro® windows are essentially multiple glass panes laminated together. This creates exceptional insulation against the elements, and it makes the windows more durable. At the end of the day, this can allow you to cut your energy bill dramatically, and it helps prevent you from having to make the same investment anytime soon. 

Unlike Pella, Energy Pro® windows aren’t known for fogging up between panes. This is extremely helpful. If you see fog, you’ll usually only have to wipe the windows off. 

It can cost a fair amount to have Energy Pro®  windows installed in Salt Lake City, Utah, but they’re worth every penny.