When it comes to installing energy-efficient windows, selecting the appropriate glass pack for your home is important. The parts that makeup glass packs are critical to examine since they all work together to increase a window’s energy efficiency.

Many homeowners are looking for ways to cut costs around the house, and one way to do so is to install energy efficient windows in their homes. When it comes to energy efficient windows the advantages are numerous. Beginning with the fact that they save your energy bills while enhancing the total value of your property and improving your quality of life. So what really makes a window energy-efficient? There are several elements that can make a window energy efficient, and proudly we combine all of these elements together in our products at JKR Windows.

1. Glass Panes
Two panes of glass with gas-filled space between them insulate far better than a single pane of glass, resulting in higher energy efficiency, impact strength, and noise reduction.

2. Warm-Edge Spacers
A spacer is used to maintain the proper distance between the glass panes. The spacer assists in the construction of a seal around the glass panes where they meet the frame. A warm-edge spacer insulates the window by reducing heat transmission between the pane and the frame’s contacts.

3. Gas Fill
Gas fills are odorless, colorless, and non-toxic. They are designed to provide superior insulation than regular air. Argon gas is commonly used in energy- efficient windows; by filling that gap with argon gas which is denser than air, your home will be perfectly insulated against heat and cold transfer.

4. Low-E Coatings
Energy-efficient windows can have a Low-E coating on them to resist infrared and ultraviolet light, maximizing the efficiency of the glass itself. Protecting the interior of your home from fading and keeping heat inside in winter and outside in summer.

5. Frames
The ability to hold energy can be affected by changes in framing material. The window’s long-term efficiency is also influenced by the frame’s durability. A strong frame won’t sag or warp, so you won’t have to deal with problems afterwards.

6. Proper Installation
Even the most energy-efficient window will be considered worthless if installed badly. A window’s performance is strongly influenced by its installation. This is just as crucial as the frame material or gas fill type.

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