No one should spend enormous sums of money on energy costs just because they are uninformed. Insulated windows play an integral role in keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer, thus reducing your energy costs drastically.

You may have asked yourself, why do my windows get foggy suddenly? Why are there specific rooms in my house that are freezing cold in the winter?

If you’re asking these questions, then most likely your windows don’t have any insulation value and it’s time to get new windows. Not just any windows, windows that have insulating value that can protect your home and secure your comfort. In this blog, we’re going to briefly explain what insulating glass is and what you should be looking for in a replacement window.

So, what is insulated glass?

Glass Insulation is when two or more panes of glass with spacer material and gas are sealed in a frame to form a single window. The multiple panes of glass and gas add an extra barrier to the cold and heat transfer into your home. Old windows were manufactured as a single pane of glass, excluding any insulation. The only barrier between your home and the outside is a single pane of glass. These types of windows still exist but they don’t meet the energy standards.

At JKR Windows we offer double and triple pane windows, depending on the climate you reside in. We also offer double laminated panes of glass for noise reduction.

Double/Triple pane windows:
When two or three panes of glass are formed as a single window, we leave a space between the two panes called “Spacer Material”, in this area argon gas is filled instead of air, which makes it six times denser, protecting the heat and the cold transfer into your home.

Double laminated windows:
Consist of two glass panes with an interlayer between them. When these factors come together, they reduce the vibrations sound creates and muffles most sounds that would come right through ordinary glass.

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