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Choosing the proper windows for your home requires careful consideration and decision-making. However, the decision making process is not over once you’ve decided on a window style and material. Even if you purchase a high-quality window, if it isn’t installed properly, the end outcome could still be unsatisfactory.

Poor or inexperienced installation, higher than expected costs, and longer than expected timeframes are all too common. And, there’s potential for these inconveniences to become your reality if you are not careful. So, if you want to be sure you get the most return on your investment and that your windows are set up to perform at their best, you need to ask your window installation company a few key questions.

We, at JKR windows, want to answer all your questions!

Is there a fee for getting a quote?
Many window replacement companies charge clients for an estimate. But if you work with JKR windows, you can get a free estimate here, or you can schedule a call with our sales representatives to help you with every detail you need.

How much will it cost and what are the payment terms and options?
Each window installation across Utah is different and may require different a cost. We do our best to cater to each customer’s unique needs to provide them with the right window at the right price.
We accept cash, checks, and credit card payment types. We also offer a variety of financing options to help fit your budget. When we come to an agreement with a client we only require 50% of total cost upfront, and the remaining balance will be collected at the end of the installation process, and only after our customers are completely satisfied with the installation and finished product.

What credentials do you have?
Our installers have over 40 years of combined experience in window replacement and installation. They have been working to bring families and individuals the best professional quality and service available, with a contractor’s certification. JKR Windows is the fastest growing replacement window company in Utah and was awarded the title of “Top Company Growth” in 2020 by D2D Experts/D2D CON.

Can we see examples of your work?
You can check out our portfolio on Our Work page. We are also happy to assist you with all relevant details about the products and the installation process. You can
also check our client’s reviews here.

Who will install our new windows and doors?
The number of installers can vary during the process depending on the project. Our installers are qualified with more than 40 years of combined experience and from beginning to end of our process, we come to you and make sure that each window replacement or new installation project in Utah and Nevada results in an excellent, and positive customer experience.
Our team will ensure that the process of replacing your windows and doors is not a dreaded task, but a fun and easy experience.

How do you preserve my home during installation?
Installation processes with JKR Windows are ensured to be a stress-free experience. For a safe and easy installation, we ask you to:
● Move furniture away from windows (allow at least three feet).
● Remove blinds, curtains and drapes before the installers arrive and reinstall them when the job is complete. (Note: wait at least 24 hours for any caulk to dry before reinstalling).
● Removal and reinstallation of security system components. Please contact your provider and let them know what’s going on for assistance.
● Remove knick-knacks, wall hangings and other valuables displayed on or near the window openings.
● Please have your pets confined prior to the installer’s arrival.
● Please have cars removed from the driveway to allow for installers to have easy access to the home.

What to expect when working with JKR Windows:
1. Considerate Preparation
● Review the installation plan with you.
● Drop cloths and runner mats will be used to protect your space while
we work.
2. Expert Installation
● In practically any weather, we can install your new windows and
● We update you on the status of the process.
3. Helpful Clean-Up
● Leaving the work area neat and clean after the installation.
● Demonstrating how to properly operate and care for your new

Why Choose Us:
JKR Windows is your trusted home improvement company, offering excellent services and high quality products. We’ll help you transform your home and provide you with a better view.
Expect an amazing experience and excellent customer satisfaction when you turn to us. Get your free quote or call us on 855-455-7155
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