Replacement window options can appear to be endless. Being well-informed about your options as a homeowner will give you the power to choose the type of window that best fits your home’s style and needs. Casement and awning windows are two prominent hinged window types that are similar in appearance but differ in functioning.

Casement Windows
● Casement windows are hinged on the side with the opening options for outwards, to the left, and right.
● They are designed for openings where the height exceeds the width.
● Have a similar look as fixed and pictured windows while still allowing ventilation.

Awning Windows
● Awning windows are hinged at the top and open only outwards.
● They’re designed for openings where the width exceeds the height.
● They come with a single sash without dividers, so you get an unobstructed view and the maximum amount of light.
When it comes to installing windows in your home, both awning and casement windows are wonderful options. Each window will be a fantastic custom addition to your home , depending on your taste and preferences.

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