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Most homeowners are unaware that their windows could be the cause of the majority of their home’s energy losses. Outdated windows (particularly single-pane windows) lack the latest technologies that allow you to save money by preventing leakage and help maintain temperature control throughout the home.

If you look at the advantages, you’ll understand why it’s a worthwhile home improvement project!

The most up-to-date windows and doors now have Energy Star ratings. These stylish, multi-paned windows with outstanding energy efficiency help insulate your home. And, here’s why you should start thinking about these alternatives:

Reduced A/C & Heating Costs: High-efficiency windows lower maximum cooling and heating requirements. So, in the blazing heat of summer, you’ll notice that your air conditioner isn’t working as hard to keep the inside of your home cool, and in the winter time our windows will help your furnace keep your home cozy and warm.

Comfort: No more shivering in the cold, or getting blasted by the sun while sitting by the windows – even during the depths of summer or winter. Regardless of the weather outside, high-efficiency windows keep your home’s temperature just right.

Reduced Dampness: Due to the window’s ability to manage humidity, you no longer need to worry about frosting or humidification during the cold seasons since the interior glass pane is kept warmer due to increased temperature control.

Prevent Indoor Ageing: When sunlight enters your home through your windows it can cause fading and discoloration with anything from fabric and paintings to flooring and furniture. You may minimize the concentration of damaging UV rays entering your home with modern, energy-efficient windows, which helps to prevent indoor UV damage.

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