What are people saying?

JKR Windows has worked with many clients, making sure each person is happy with whatever installation they choose. Read below to see how we have helped improve people’s homes and lives. 

Matthew C.

The install was surprisingly quick, 17 windows within 3-4 hours! The crew was professional, efficient and clean. Aside from that the windows are great and the house is cooler this summer.

Debbie G.

They are a great bunch to work with and it is so nice not to hear the car wash dryers. The windows have kept our house warmer this last winter I love them.

Brian R.

I had seen a neighbor with a sign out front for JKR windows so I felt that I could trust them when they came to my door. The employees were courteous, informative, and conscientious. Overall, the staff had clear instructions and good communication. I had 10 windows replaced and so far they appear durable and sturdy. They windows have excellent features for cleaning and security. I can hardly feel the heat streaming in from the sunlight anymore. The installation went smoothly and they were able to finish all the windows in about 5-6 hours. They even brought over some new paneling for the outside of the house since some old features needed to be removed. Overall, great company to do business; quality windows, quality team.

Kimberly A.

The entire process of dealing with JKR windows was an awesome experience. We had really wanted new windows, but knew we probably couldn’t afford them because of a previous bid from another company years ago. What a blessing it was when Kyle knocked on our door! He told us about the company, showed us the windows, and measured our windows to give us an estimate. There was absolutely no pressure. He left and we called him later in the day to tell him we wanted to proceed. A week later our windows were measured and about three weeks after that we got the call that our new windows were in. A crew of four men installed all 20 windows (including two large sliders) in just two days. They were very professional and polite to work with. The windows are absolutely gorgeous and it makes our 30-year-old home look brand new. We love that these windows slide open from each side, keep the sound and dust out, and we are so very happy we decided to have them all replaced. If you are looking for new windows, definitely consider JKR windows!

Deborah C.

We had our windows installed this May. It’s been amazing the difference in how often our AC needs to run this summer. Our home temperature tends to hold steady much better, and we love the updated look as well. My only regret is that we only installed the bronze mirror tint in the office and master bedroom. If I was to do it again, I would have done the entire renovation with this finish, as it offers maximum privacy, without making the room feel overly dark. Their install team showed up on time each day for the install, cleaned up after their work, and were incredibly friendly.

Darlene M.

Love our new windows. Our home was an older home and we didn’t want any damage to our brick. JKR was able to install over our old frames and the windows seal up nicely. Sound quality is better and you don’t feel the heat coming in. Thank you JKR.

Rawlene H.

Love my new windows!

Quick efficient installation.

Everything left clean and in great shape

Well priced

Great follow up and service.

Jamie B.

The windows are beautiful, the installers were fast but meticulous, they look perfect.

Neal K.

Had a great experience. The windows we had on our home previously were 49 years old. These new ones look fantastic. I didn’t think it was possible but we had 14 windows replaced in our home in one day. Curious to see what the power bills will look like. ?

Tiffany O.

We love our windows! We had a great experience from the sales rep to the installers. Everybody was very knowledgeable and professional. We are remodeling our 30 year old home and the Windows made such a big difference in curb appeal as well as being energy efficiency and reducing the noise. I love the functionality of opening them both ways and they are a breeze to clean. Highly recommend!

Diane H.

Our entire experience with JKR windows was awesome! Everyone was friendly and great to work with. The windows came sooner than we were expecting so that was a bonus. I love the look of them from both the inside and the outside! And I can already feel a difference in the temperature of my house! I would highly recommend JKR windows!!!!

Scott & Beverly H.

We have enjoyed our new windows the first day I drove up to my house It actually made my home look 33 yrs younger! That’s not impossible because we have a brick home and the new windows really enhanced our home. I loved that the company was so fast and efficient. The only thing I wish is that they were more clear on how to give credit to the person whom is the reason you got the windows in the first place. Like who can we thank for you deciding to get these widows? And give them the credit. Any way we do love ?? our windows can’t wait to compare our electric bill and hopefully have some savings there. Thanks JKR Windows!

Colleen G.

I was asked by Tanner, a sales representative for JKR Windows, when I thought about windows how excited would I be. I told him about a 6 out of 10, actually I was lying. I didn’t get excited about windows at all. Then Levi came to talk to me about JKR Windows and showed me a sample window. I loved the idea that I could open either side of the window and that it had a sliding screen. After speaking with Levi my excitement went up to a 7 out of 10. I had my windows installed last week and my excitement about my windows has skyrocketed! I absolutely love these windows! Jeff and Justin, the team that installed the windows were friendly and very polite, they worked tirelessly and were very professional. The outside frame that goes around the window is what makes the windows look amazing. I am so glad that Tanner decided to knock on my door and introduce me to this amazing company! Thank you JKR Windows!

Angie R.

Excellent windows with the highest of quality. I was looking for sound reduction and we got it! Salesman Jefferson is friendly and very helpful. The install crew was fantastic and through. They left the job cleaner than they found it! Whenever I have a concern I’m contacted back quickly and installers are willing to come back and attend to any question or adjustment needed. AWESOME! If quality and customer service is what you’re looking for, you’ve found the right place!

Tanner & Sarah Holt

JRK Windows installed 10 new windows in our remodeled home. The difference is incredible! Even on the coldest days we do not feel the outside cold anymore by the windows. JKR sent out a top-notch crew and they took good care of us and our home while they installed the windows. We look forward to the energy savings and ease of use. We highly recommend JKR Windows to anyone looking to build or remodel.

Kenneth Tuttle

The entire process was easy and pressure free. The installation was done quickly and the end results look great. I am excited to see how much my electrical bill goes down because I can already tell that my heater is not coming on nearly as often.

Jim & Marianne

We recently replaced out old window with Windows from JKR Windows. It was a great decision. Jefferson was very knowledge about this product. The windows are doing exactly what we were told they would do by lowering the heat allowed to penetrate the windows. The installers were very professional and kept us informed during the complete process. They cleaned up after and made sure to answer any questions we may have had. I would definitely recommend them.

Terry and Sadie Walker

We have been very pleased with our new windows from JKR windows! Jefferson was great to meet with and did an awesome job explaining the whole process and answering our questions. The installers did a wonderful job. They were so friendly and came in and were efficient and got the job done quickly and smoothly. We own an older home and the look of the windows really helped spruce up the outside look of it. What has been most impressive is how much cooler our home has been during these hot summer months. We had only half of the windows in our home installed and we can tell a significant difference in the rooms that have the new windows vs. the ones that have the original windows in them. The rooms stay cooler and we don’t have the problem of moisture building up in the window tracks and creating mold like we do in our older windows. There were some parts to our sliding glass door that needed special order and Jefferson was great to make sure the parts were ordered and fixed as soon as they came in. We have been very pleased with our windows and hope to get the second half of our home installed very soon!

Patrick and Marci

First off the quality of the windows are top notch. They have enhanced our home in so many ways, the appearance, the efficiency, and how much less outside noise we hear. Within the first few days we have noticed a huge difference in how our home is staying cooler and our ac is working less. The installers did a great job in a timely manner, they were very clean in their work and they were very professional and accommodating. They were very knowledgeable in their work and the product it’s self. Very happy with the product and the process provided by Jefferson and his team.

Mark and Carol R.

We are very pleased and satisfied with the installation of the Alside windows on our home. The windows and the sliding door operate very smoothly and are very attractive. We have received numerous compliments from neighbors and others. Jefferson Rogers, is very pleasing and good to work with. He has very good knowledge and expertise about the products that he markets and communicates and responds very well to questions and concerns. The installation team did a superb job in installing the windows and door. They have very good experience and knowledge regarding the removal of the old and the installation of the new. Overall, the purchase and installation from JKR Windows has beautifully updated the appearance of our home. Thank you Jefferson and everyone else at JKR.

John C.

The installation was performed in a very professional manner. They were courteous and did a beautiful job. We have had compliments on how nice they look. The outer solar layer of glass does a remarkable job in protecting against the rays of the sun. You can stand next to the windows with the sun beating down and can’t feel the heat. If you touch the inside of the inner layer, it is just barely warm. They are doing the job they are supposed to be doing. We have had the hottest summer on record with
more than 100-degree days and our electric utility usage was still lower in average usage per day. We are pleased with our window purchase and our choice of the Alside windows. The inside temperature stays at a consistent temperature, which is also nice.

Mike and Peggy P.

We had our new windows installed recently and could not be happier. One of the first things we noticed was how quiet our home had become. We could not hear all of the normal outside noises: the backdoor neighbor’s dogs, the planes flying overhead, cars driving by. The windows are a beautiful addition to the house. We love the versatility of the features and being able to open the windows in many ways. The windows now allow us to sit near them and not feel the heat or cold from outside streaming through.